Monday, February 18, 2008

Prioritizing..... a scary word for me. I've always been one to live in "organized chaos". Though I've done my best to be a list-maker and keep everything wriiten down and scheduled, it never works out that way. My bank account balance, errands and to-do list usually resides in my mental notes and hardly ever gets committed to paper.

That's going to have to change. This is why.....I'm opening my business, organizing products and wholesale arrangements, getting everything ready to build a house by the start of Spring....oh, and let's throw in a wedding to make it even more complicated, lol. Yes, that is the timeline.....set up the boutique, break ground on the house, then get married (I want to wait for a fall wedding).

I think I might just be having one of those days. I don't feel well....something has been going around and I sit here typing with a Vapo-rubbed chest and achy joints, holding a kleenex up to a nose that feels like it's on fire from rubbing it so much. I think that with the pains, the stress of just simply thinking about it all has come crashing down on me because I hate being sick, especially when I have this much to do....I feel like my world has hit a standstill and I don't particularly care for standstills (I'm not a very patient person).

I think I'll just go rest and hope that with a new day, my body will be back to regular health and my mind will be ready to tackle anything! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Finding a Home.....

This is where I live (or part of it). 62 beautiful acres. If you look at the photo and imagine slightly to your left.....that is the spot that my fiance and I have always planned to build our "nest". We've looked for house plans for three years, and we either come up with nothing we like or it just got pushed aside until later. Well, it looks like the time has finally come. We have found a house plan that we both love and if everything goes as planned, we will be in our "nest egg" by the end of this summer.
This is a better pic of the area the house will be in. The horses will have a different pasture by then, of course, lol......but just in front of those pine trees, where our gentle giants are grazing, will be our house. And (insert drumroll here).........

Here it is!!! It's called The Azalea Crossing and we found it at Don Gardner. The porch is enough to make me drool. It's been a life long dream of mine to have two things in a house 1.) a wrap-around porch and 2.) an attic. This one has both. And what's even better is that the attic space is above the garage and my darling, sweet and wonderful man has promised it to me for my studio!!!

This is the first floor. Looking at it, I still can't believe it! I keep wanting to pinch myself!

This is the second floor and a pic of my "proposed" studio space!!! I am so excited I just wanted to share!

My Manifestation....

From the post before......I forgot to post a picture of my "manifestation", lol. This is my man in all his glory (along with my little man), complete with the goatee that he keeps just for me (he really hates it and would not have one if I didn't like it so much). He's eight years older, which is one of the things I remember writing on my list, I wanted a mature man. Up until I met him, I had never dated anyone over the age of 22, so needless to say, he swept me off my feet, lol.

I still remember when we met. I was out with friends and from across the room and coming through the crowd....all I could see was a cowboy hat. Here's a little history....I grew up in the country with horses and had an uncle who competed in rodeos. But, we had drove about an hour to a different city to go this particular there was nobody there in a cowboy hat. Suffice it to say that when I saw the hat, I thought...."oh, someone in my element" lol. I approached him....can you believe it? I had never done that before. Now, here we are, five years later, planning a wedding and building a house. Life is just unbelievably miraculous!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"The Secret" and "Love Lists"...

I want to share a story with everyone. I've always believed that life is a circle, a big reeling sphere that goes on and on, but what I didn't realize was that I am the creator of that sphere.

The story begins with my search for marketing possibilities for Signature Vintage. I had just picked up a recent issue of Romantic Country and in it, I saw an ad for Make Mine Pink. I made a note and later that day, visited the site. I joined the forum and contacted Joyce Lucas for a design quote and for further information about joining Make Mine Pink. After emailing, Joyce contacted me over the phone and I was struck by her kindness, her ability to make me feel instantly at ease when I had been so nervous to talk about my business and what my plans were for it.

As we talked, I felt like I was speaking to a friend, which made me divulge information that I probably wouldn't have shared with anyone else. I told her of my fears, of how most of the people in my life were not very supportive of my choice to start a business and that negativity was a daily hardship that I felt I was constantly beating back. She asked me....."Do you know about The Secret?". I told her that I had seen the book, but that was the extent of my knowledge of it. After explaining some of the key aspects, she said that she had an extra copy and would be more than happy to send it to me. She also told me that I had to begin a vision board. The idea of a vision board had always been something on my list....the list that never got tended to...the list that had items on it such as......"buy yourself a new pair of jeans" or "do something just for you today".

After talking with Joyce, I waited slightly impatiently for the book to arrive and when it did two days later, I sat down and read it from front to back the same night. After reading it, I knew it would change my life, but little did I know how much it had already affected my life.

That was about two weeks ago. Today, a family friend came to visit. In the midst of chatting, she (out of the blue) announces that she is watching Oprah today because there is a special topic that she just can't miss. I love Oprah, but I couldn't tell you the last time I watched it, so I inquired about what was so important that was on. Sighing as if she was getting ready for me to laugh at her, she told me that she had recently read a book called "The Secret" and that the show would be about it. Gasping, I relayed my story and we both laughed. Convinced it was fate, she stayed and we watched it together.

In the show, they talk about a "Love List" that is featured in this moth's Oprah Magazine. As I was listening to this "list" theory, something kept nagging at me. Call it a voice, a feeling, whatever it was, but it stayed with me throughout the discussion. When you get into "The Secret", it talks about the universe's law of attraction and that everything you put into the universe, you get back in multiples. Committing things you want onto paper or into the universe and focusing on them, gets you those things.

There are untold stories of women making these lists and after, finding their perfect partner. I do make lists like these, especially since I read the book, so I thought that I was getting that "familiar feeling" just because I agreed with it, because it made sense to me. It was not the case, lol. Could've been part of it, but definitely not all.

So, after my friend left, my sweet and darling boy approached me because he wanted to go to the store and spend his allowance. I said yes and we hopped in the car and headed out. Standing in line, my angel holding his precious toy, I look over and see the magazine that was talked about in the Oprah show earlier. I thought, "Oh, well now I can read the "love list" article for myself." We made our purchase and journeyed home. I sat on the couch and curled up to read the article.

And out of nowhere it hits me. Memories of the house I owned .birthday.....and my fun-loving room-mate buying me a gift. I open the gift and it's from one of my favorite places......Borders. It's a kit. A SOULMATE kit. See where this is going? We sit down, light the candles like the instructions say and I write. On a piece of paper that is pink, I write qualities that I will find in my partner. I try to be objective and remember that whatever I wish for could very well come true so I make sure that everything I wish for is explained. "He will be tall.....but not too tall." He will love me.....but not suffocate me." I use all five sheets of paper that the kit supplied, and as the instructions say, I place the papers in a dish and while rubbing a pink stone, I wish with all of my heart. Just as the directions say, I wait until I feel I am ready and I light the papers on fire. As they burn, I am still wishing.

Yes, folks.......I asked the universe for it, and can you believe it, a year later, I found him? That kit at the time was a bit of a joke (or so I thought). Back then, I didn't think th esimple wanting of something could manifest it. And, I believed in the power of the mind before, but it hadn't really hit me until today. Until I was shown proof that in my life, if I ask for something and feel gratitude for it before it's even there......I manifest it.

I made that list about a year before I met my fiance. I had forgotten about that list that my friend and I had had so much fun with probably a couple days after the fact. Now, over five years later, I realize that I put something into the universe and it answered me.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Things have been super crazy with the setting up of Signature Vintage, then the midwest was hit with a major snowstorm which slowed things down a bit. I had planeed to take pics and make flea market rounds, but the snow kept me inside all weekend. So, I've been over at the SigVin Blog, getting that set up and am having a blast with it!

A give-away is in the works for the SigVin Blog, which should be lots of fun! Some of my signature pieces will be included in the prize pack, so it's going to be a good one! I'll be sure to post here when I've gotten that set up!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Wild Oak Design

Wow.......all I have to say is that if anyone ever needs a website built, the best person to go to is Trudy of Wild Oak Design! I was already impressed (as one of my earlier posts clearly conveyed) and I didn't think I could get much happier with the whole process until she emailed me and told me that she was finished installing the site!!! It took her all of maybe 3-4 days to finish my site.....and most of that was due to my late response times with my emailing her back.

Amazing. And so nice!! I think I've not only found a fantastic professional for all of my graphic needs, but also a great friend! Check out Wild Oak Design if you haven't already!!!

I'll give you a sneak peek at all of her hard work....keep in mind....this entire site was designed from scratch (with no help from me, lol) and installed in 3-4 days!!! I'm still setting up, but stop on by Signature Vintage and see how incredible Trudy is!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Typepad bummer......

Ok, all......I tried out typepad and have decided I don't like it one bit. Everything was just way too confusing for me. Which is a big bummer, because I love the professional look it gives blogs, but I'm just way too comfortable here at blogger. Old dog, new tricks, ya know, lol??! Anyhoo, I've set up the Signature Vintage blog here on blogger.

I'm busy making products lists, researching taxes and filings, and getting my site set up......updates on that as well.....Trudy from Wild Oak Design has been at hard work getting my design set up and installing it. This woman is amazing. Not even a day after I contacted her, she was emailing me a design concept...and I hadn't even paid her yet!!!! Amazing...everything about my experience with her has been outstanding and I recommend her to everyone. Even though she really could charge much more for her designs, her prices are super affordable. I was able to pay for it on my own without dipping into my investor funds.

So, the site should be installed very soon, then all I have to do is work at getting it ready to open! Ok, off I go to set up the blog and take care of more things to come!!! Have a beautiful day, everyone!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Typepad here I come!!!!

Okay.....the move to Typepad is official! My new blog is up, but not quite running as of yet. It's alot different than blogger so I'm still trying to get the hang of it, which I might not focus on it too heavily, considering I will be getting a blog design to match my site. Anyhoo, I hope to see you over there and I will keep you posted on whether or not I will keep this blog going. I was thinking I could use it for my personal blog, but I'm hoping I'll be too busy with orders and such to maintain two different blogs, lol!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Updates and Move......

After long debate, I have decided to move my blog over to typepad. I'm a little scared about typepad, given I've never used it before, but I think it will give me a more professional look and approach which is exactly what I want. I will be sure and include the link here, so that everyone will know how to find me. I believe I'll be implementing it tomorrow.

And......yes, you guessed it....I have changed the name and logo once again. This one I think I will keep. The logo above is the new one I've worked up and is, as always, tentative depending on my site design. Which, I have contacted Joyce Lucas with Cottage Collections to give her the go ahead for the site, so I should have exciting news about when my site might be available soon!

It seems everything has been a whirlwind this weekend and I'm still trying to figure out where all that time went.....spent a good portion of it purging un-needed and unnecessary stuff from my studio....who knew I'd find a rubbermaid container full of two year old fabric scraps that I've never touched since I put them away???!! ok.......gotta make like a bee and buzz off.....lots of work to do!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pin Corsages

I will have what I plan to call pin corsages offered at my site when I get it open and this is just one I made to go with an outfit I have (obviously not the one I'm wearing, lol, that's my Blues Traveler tee.....hehehehehehe).....anyhoo, just wanted to share it with you! I've seen a major comeback with these.....girls are putting them on their purses, their coats, business women are putting them on their lapels.....I think they should be a hit!

Oh, I have yet another update on the site....I've decided against the word "boutique" in the name and have replaced it with "collection". I think it's a little more fitting for what I plan to be offering. So, now it is

"Nouvelle Vie Collection". Above is the business card I've been working on, I'm hoping to get it sent off to Vistaprint here sometime in the next century! I'm getting on my own nerves with changing things everyday, but I guess that's what happens.......gotta try everything till you know it's right!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Doodles......

These are just a few doodles I did today while waiting at the bus stop for my son. I carry a doodle pad and sharpie with me almost wherever I go so that when I get bored, I'll have something to do. You know what they say about idle hands, lol.

Ok, I think I've finally settled on the font and style for Nouvelle Vie Boutique. You can get a good idea from the logo at the top of the blog, though when the site opens, the logo won't be exactly the same, but I think I need to just stop messing with it for now, lol. I love the adds just the touch I'm looking for. I wanted something different and I think it's just the ticket.

I'm still working away on my order, though I do have a few new things to introduce later tonight. I'm really excited about this new line of wearable art I'm cooking up. The line will have pin corsages, bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories. I love making these, because there's so much flexibility and (although I don't wear many), I love accessories. I'll incorporate my obsession for glitter, ribbon, wire, glass beads and flowers into all of them.....I do think they'll be quite unique. So, off I go to continue the work (and watch my beloved Gilmore Girls, lol).

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My "dot com" brand.....

This is the brand that I will be putting on my shirts when I open the shop. The site isn't open yet and I have to add the word "boutique", but I really like it. The brands will go on the backs of the shirts at the neck, they won't be big....just enough to say who it's made by.

Can't seem to get it right.......

A new logo I've been working on......what do you think?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Requested Pics.....

Some of you have requested more pics of my projects and these are some I got done last night. These are jewelry I plan on selling at Nouvelle Vie when I get up and running. The bracelets are my fav. I am so addicted to glass pearls and nothing is better than dainty silver wire combined with glass pearls! I hope everyone likes them!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend Updates

I hope everyone had a very lovely weekend. Mine was ok, except for the sore muscles I have from helping my gma and gpa move on Saturday, lol. I'm tellin ya, if it weren't for the "grand" status I'd be calling them and complaining! This just goes to show that I will never ever voluteer to help anyone move ever again. I can't take it anymore, I'm too old!
Oh, in case you were wondering, I just included the pic of the Eiffel tower cause it's pretty, lol. No significance to the post, whatsoever. Anyhoo, I am yet again thinking about changing the name of the shop....I haven't sent it off to get the fictitious name register yet and I didn't even think that I might be stepping on some toes with the french name. I don't know, it's something I'm mulling. I will give you a definite tomorrow (I plan to stew about it all night and do that whole laying in bed but never really fall asleep thing, so I should have it covered, lol)
I have some interesting people lined up for features on the party blog, and I will be sure to announce it real big and fat here once I open it. I did add some business resources to it, though that could be helpful reading.
And, as before, I apologize for the lack of pics of the stuff I've been making lately, but I can't share any! As soon as Jennifer has them up at The Old Painted Cottage, ya'll (yes, I'm a bit of a hick)will be the first to know!
And, I've contacted Cottage Collections for an estimate on the website for the new shop....I am so excited! I should be talking to her Monday, so this is good! It seems that even if the brick and mortar part takes me three hundred years to accomplish, I can have a kick-ass website in the meantime!

Friday, January 11, 2008

CafePress keeps pulling me back!

I am opening my CafePress again. I still have setting up to do, but I was so excited with some of my designs that I didn't want to wait. I have t-shirts that have the slogans "Pink Pride" and "Pink and Proud of it". My mugs read "I don't want the worm and I'm not a bird" (a pun for that earlybird saying. I plan on having a bunch more, as soon as I get moving along with everything else. I've ordered a mug and t-shirt, can't wait til I get them! I think that's why I can't is just way too much fun to design something and be able to buy it in merchandise form! Just click on the button below and you can check it out!

Support This Site

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nouvelle Vie

Okay, I checked on the correct terminology for "new life" in french and with the research I did, it all came up as "Nouvelle Vie". So, I think that is what I will stick with. And, as you can see, I changed the logo to reflect it, lol! Ok, got some good news....went to check out some spaces today for the shop and I liked them......I will be sharing all the info on my new blog, Nouvelle Vie Boutique later tonight. I'll have links to a website where you can see the floor plans to what I visited today. I plan to share all the ups and downs of opening the shop at that blog, so it should be exciting!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nouveau Vie

I have been researching for years now to find out all I can about opening and running my own shop/boutique. I've written and re-written the business plan about a million times.......and I've always stopped right there. I've never tried to acquire investors.....hek, I don't even talk about it with my family. It seems it's always been that impossible dream. The one you always tell yourself can never come true, but you just can't let go anyway. I've been working on my negative thoughts and I really do believe that what you put into the world comes back to you. Everytime I catch myself in a negative thought, I correct.....spend ten minutes correcting it, lol.

Anyhoo, I've been struggling with the name forever. Tonight, I came up with Nouveau Vie. It means "new life" in french. I thought it appropriate, considering that's what it would be for me if it ever happened, and I'd be giving vintage things new life. WHat do you think? Does anyone else have it? It seems too easy, so I'm hoping I haven't stolen anyone's name! If I have, I apologize right now! I googled it and no compnaies came up, so I figured I was safe.

What do you think of the graphic? It's just something I played around with tonight. Tomorrow I will be having lunch with my aunt, who just happens to own a boutique (a metaphysical one) so that I can really talk to her about what the first step I should take is. I feel as if I don't get off of my booty, it'll never happen....but, boy, am I nervous.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

My Doodle Designs

I owned a different business about a year ago. I sold my doodle designs which I called "versatility designs". They came in pdf file. Here are just a few I thought I'd share with you. One of my favorite things to do is doodle.....might have some more recent ones here in a few days for you to look at. I've always wanted to try the whole stamping thing, turn my doodles into stamps, but I have no idea how to go about it.

I am Marianne

I am Marianne Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

You've got to take this quiz!!! It was lots of fun.......but I wish I knew more about, I know, it's a sin???!!! Don't hate me!

Updates and Worms.......

LOL.......above is something I say to people when they give me trouble about my late-night habits. I absolutely can not stand it when I hear "the early bird gets the worm", so I came up with this cute slogan. I am adding it to my cafepress store and buying a mug for myself, lol. I'm switching up my cafepress, but as soon as I'm done, i will let you know......I have some great things in store!

Sorry I haven't shared any new creations lately, I've been working hard on my order for The Old Painted Cottage and I, of course, want those creations to debut with Jennifer over at her place.

I also have something else brewing that I'm so excited about. It's another blog that will be dedicated to women entreprenuers and artists and their wares. I will be conducting interviews, posting great finds and articles and giving out awards and such. I, will also (of course) let you know when that is ready! In the meantime, if any of you great artists/business owners would like to contribute, email me at!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Quotes: The Color of My Mind

"I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas: they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind."
Emily Bronte, Catherine in Wuthering Heights (1847) (p120 in the Penguin 1995 edition)

"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."
Edgar Allan Poe, Eleonora (1841)

"Those dreams that on the silent night intrude, and with false flitting shapes our minds delude ... are mere productions of the brain. And fools consult interpreters in vain."
Jonathan Swift, On Dreams

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
Mark Twain

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gilmore Girls and that damn thing called Reality....

Ok, so I'm obsessed. I have been extremely busy these past few days with a great order (thank you, Jennifer), and while I'm working away....I must have some noise or goings-on in the background. Well, my routine for setting the scene for hours of creating is to go to the video store and get movies...most of the time it doesn't really matter which ones because all I do is tune it out anyway (yes, I am weird, never denied it). Anyhoo, this time I thought I'd switch it up from CSI to The Gilmore Girls. What a big fat mistake that was. I am now completely and utterly obsessed and I'm pretty sure the dang program went off the air like two years I strange or what?

Anyhoo......I liked the program before, I just never fit the time in my schedule to sit down and watch it. Well, look out now, cause I'm armed with the latest Family Video membership and a bonafide 30 days of half-off rentals. Lord, help me. As I'm clipping and trimming and ribbon-ing away on the crowns for The Old Painted Cottage, I'm sub-consciously being whisked away to Gilmore Girl-land where everything is hilarious and Lorelai (the mom) is so much like me that it's actually kinda frightening. Caffeine addict, organization-aphobic, millions of unfinished projects. The list goes on, my dear friends.

And it only gets better.....because there I sit, fantasizing about living in Stars Hollow (which, for the record, I have always wanted to live in a town exactly like that) and swooning over how Luke (Lorelai's soon to be love interest) is so dang dreamy. When did I graduate high school? Or middle school for that matter? Aren't I a little too old to be doing this, I think to myself. Then, I start I the only one that does things like this? I know I've always been a dreamer and always had quite a slippery hold on reality (and sanity, but that's a whole different issue), but sheesh.......seriously.

When the last episode of the last tape went off and I lifted my head from the mass of pearls and ribbon strewn haphazardly around me, I actually flinched....and had no clue where I was for a second. I was so involved in Gilmore land that reality scared me. I might need some professional help, does anyone know of a great therapist or doctor who can perform an illegal lobotomy? I the only grown woman who does this...please someone come forward, put my panic at ease!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

2008 - Oh, how beautiful you are........

The first week of the new year has already proven that now is my time, that this year holds so many new ventures, promises and achievements. I met a wonderful friend who not only honors me with the opportunity to sell my art at her shop, but who also believes in my talent and tells me so. There's another big piece of pie in the sky that I can't exactly disclose details about just yet, but I do have to say, for me, next to the birth of my son, will be one of the proudest moments in my life. I promise to give you the full scoop as soon as I can, I just had to say thank you to 2008...........she's full of new life, new inspiration and endless possibilities! May everyone feel her grace, her love and experience all the beauty a new year can bring!

Remembering Oma

I made this dress form using some of the jewelry my precious Oma (danish for Grandma) left to me when she passed away. The pieces are so lovely and I've always kept them wrapped up tight in a box in my armoire, my secret treasures. But, I got to thinking how wonderful it would be to have some of those heirlooms out in the open, for me to look at and remember my Oma, the lady who smelled like Oil of Olay and peppermint and who said "uffda" instead of oops. She was such a riot, Florence was. A dear, sweet lady who loved me unconditionally. So, this is a homage to her.......Florence Hanson aka "Oma".

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Throw a "ME" Party!

If I've learned anything the past year, it's the importance of taking care of yourself. I've learned hard lessons about how much good we do everyone else when we don't do any good for ourselves. It was my belief that being a single mom meant that my personal health, whether mental, physical or emotional, should be shoved to the side. I've since figured out that when I take the time for myself, I'm much more apt to take the time for my son.....and I'm happier to do it. I'm relaxed and when I am, my son benefits from it just as much as I do.

So, every other weekend when my son visits with his dad for the night, I plan my "reverie". I go to the video store and rent CSI and Gilmore Girls re-runs, buy junk food especially for me, then head home for a bath before I sit back in my comfy jammies and just give myself some lazy time. This recipe is what I use in my bath and wow.....I love it. Be careful when getting out, tends to make the bottom of the tub slippery (make sure you rinse the tub out as well since these are home ingredients, don't want any buggie friends ruining your "me" party).

Brown Sugar Scrub

What you'll need:

  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup oil (coconut or olive)
  • 10-15 drops fragrance made for skin usage (essential oils, most craft stores carry these)

Mix these ingredients in a bowl and voila!!! Your very own skin smoothing scrub.

*Tip-I like to get creative and add things around the kitchen like oatmeal and other time-tested ingredients. Get crazy with it and experiment, that's half the fun!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Old Painted Cottage

I am in such shock right now!!!! I just got off the phone with Jennifer, the Owner and Proprietor of The Old Painted Cottage. There are no words to describe how elated I am right now!!!! Jennifer made an order for some custom pieces and I am so superb-ly, unimaginably honored!!! From now on, my crowns and some of my pieces will be exclusive only to The Old Painted Cottage. At a later date, I can tell you which of my types of creations I've decided to make exclusive, I just had to brag my booty off about this! Jennifer was just incredible to talk to and made me feel very comfortable (at first I was extremely nervous). some work to do!!!! Have a beautiful night, all....I know I will, I have an order!!!! hehehehehehehe

New Banner

Ok, I have the new banner up. This was also done in a hurry this morning, but I like it (for now, lol). It will probably change in about a beware!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New look coming soon.......

When I initially made this banner (look up) for the blog, I wanted something simple and quick (it was in the height of Christmas rush). Now that I might have a little extra breathing room (though not in these pants, cause I been eating like it's the holidays), I'm going to be changing it. Can't wait to either. I love making graphics. When I had my site, I would change the graphics almost every month (no joke). But, since I closed the site and decided to focus on my designing more, I haven't been on the computer much (except to talk to you). Anyhoo, thought I'd fill you in on my latest upcoming's going to be a graphic one.....teheheheheehe.....