Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pin Corsages

I will have what I plan to call pin corsages offered at my site when I get it open and this is just one I made to go with an outfit I have (obviously not the one I'm wearing, lol, that's my Blues Traveler tee.....hehehehehehe).....anyhoo, just wanted to share it with you! I've seen a major comeback with these.....girls are putting them on their purses, their coats, business women are putting them on their lapels.....I think they should be a hit!

Oh, I have yet another update on the site....I've decided against the word "boutique" in the name and have replaced it with "collection". I think it's a little more fitting for what I plan to be offering. So, now it is

"Nouvelle Vie Collection". Above is the business card I've been working on, I'm hoping to get it sent off to Vistaprint here sometime in the next century! I'm getting on my own nerves with changing things everyday, but I guess that's what happens.......gotta try everything till you know it's right!


Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

What a unique idea Missy! Paper art is so versatile and this is a fabulous idea! I actually like the use of "collection"...change is always good, especially when it fine tunes your idea :~) Have a wonderful weekend.

Bristol said...

I just stumbled upon your site, from Jerusalem's. I love it!!!!!!
I love that corsage, very pretty can't wait to see more.