Monday, February 18, 2008

Prioritizing..... a scary word for me. I've always been one to live in "organized chaos". Though I've done my best to be a list-maker and keep everything wriiten down and scheduled, it never works out that way. My bank account balance, errands and to-do list usually resides in my mental notes and hardly ever gets committed to paper.

That's going to have to change. This is why.....I'm opening my business, organizing products and wholesale arrangements, getting everything ready to build a house by the start of Spring....oh, and let's throw in a wedding to make it even more complicated, lol. Yes, that is the timeline.....set up the boutique, break ground on the house, then get married (I want to wait for a fall wedding).

I think I might just be having one of those days. I don't feel well....something has been going around and I sit here typing with a Vapo-rubbed chest and achy joints, holding a kleenex up to a nose that feels like it's on fire from rubbing it so much. I think that with the pains, the stress of just simply thinking about it all has come crashing down on me because I hate being sick, especially when I have this much to do....I feel like my world has hit a standstill and I don't particularly care for standstills (I'm not a very patient person).

I think I'll just go rest and hope that with a new day, my body will be back to regular health and my mind will be ready to tackle anything! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Yes. Lots of rest. :)
I really hope you're not getting sick. I know there's been an awful lot of sickness going around here.
Stay well! :)

Nathalie said...

I was sick for a week so i know what you are going through, getting up was hard enough and going to work with that flu was horrible, it will go away forget about all you have to do for one day, and take care of yourself, plenty of rest..
it looks like its going to be a busy year for you, Best of luck on all your adventures ! I had a look at your shop and it looks fantastic !

Valerie Jones said...

I hope you get well soon! Get plenty of rest and don't over-do.

Jen ~ ARTful Dreamer said...

Hope you're feeling better Missy! This year has been horrible for nasty viruses...everyone I know has been hit at least once this year!

It sounds like a very busy year for you but hopefully that also means an exciting year for you! Take each day as it comes and you'll do fabulous...

avalonrosedesign said...

I feel for you! I know how it feels to have so much on your plate that you can't hardly breathe, and then to be sick on top of it is never fun. Rest, rest, rest, and just take a day off! Hope you're better soon! I'm going to add you to my list of blogging friends. ;)


Carolee said...

Hi Missy ~ I do hope this finds you feeling better! I can sooooooo relate to the "organized chaos", lol....Please remember to take some time for yourself in the midst of all this activity. :)

~ Carolee

Pea said...

organized chaos I think I have heard that before... LOL Oh my friend i do hope you and peanut are feeling better. Can't exactly give it to scott can we? Oh it stinks. I hate being sick. I have been trying but keep telling myself that I don't have time, so I know when it hits me it will be a doozie.
Get well and email me YOU!

Pea said...

ya need to update my sweets.
always be here for you!