Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gilmore Girls and that damn thing called Reality....

Ok, so I'm obsessed. I have been extremely busy these past few days with a great order (thank you, Jennifer), and while I'm working away....I must have some noise or goings-on in the background. Well, my routine for setting the scene for hours of creating is to go to the video store and get movies...most of the time it doesn't really matter which ones because all I do is tune it out anyway (yes, I am weird, never denied it). Anyhoo, this time I thought I'd switch it up from CSI to The Gilmore Girls. What a big fat mistake that was. I am now completely and utterly obsessed and I'm pretty sure the dang program went off the air like two years I strange or what?

Anyhoo......I liked the program before, I just never fit the time in my schedule to sit down and watch it. Well, look out now, cause I'm armed with the latest Family Video membership and a bonafide 30 days of half-off rentals. Lord, help me. As I'm clipping and trimming and ribbon-ing away on the crowns for The Old Painted Cottage, I'm sub-consciously being whisked away to Gilmore Girl-land where everything is hilarious and Lorelai (the mom) is so much like me that it's actually kinda frightening. Caffeine addict, organization-aphobic, millions of unfinished projects. The list goes on, my dear friends.

And it only gets better.....because there I sit, fantasizing about living in Stars Hollow (which, for the record, I have always wanted to live in a town exactly like that) and swooning over how Luke (Lorelai's soon to be love interest) is so dang dreamy. When did I graduate high school? Or middle school for that matter? Aren't I a little too old to be doing this, I think to myself. Then, I start I the only one that does things like this? I know I've always been a dreamer and always had quite a slippery hold on reality (and sanity, but that's a whole different issue), but sheesh.......seriously.

When the last episode of the last tape went off and I lifted my head from the mass of pearls and ribbon strewn haphazardly around me, I actually flinched....and had no clue where I was for a second. I was so involved in Gilmore land that reality scared me. I might need some professional help, does anyone know of a great therapist or doctor who can perform an illegal lobotomy? I the only grown woman who does this...please someone come forward, put my panic at ease!!!


Jerusalem said...

OK, a) I HAVE to have a movie or show on while I work too. Sometimes I just catch up with all the network shows online, and sometimes I go to Blockbuster and get an armload. Yesterday I went and rented Chocolate because I was working on Valentines and it seemed fitting. Also, I always watch all the bonus features too and sometimes watch the movies with the commentaries on if it is one I have watch a bunch before. It is so fasicinating to listen to the creative process of the directors and actors. I especially love it when they talk about set design,music choices and custom.
and B) WELCOME TO THE GILMORE CLUB! I am truly obsessed and refer to them in conversation as if they are my friends!! It's the best and someday my dream is to own the whole collection...PS - it comes on every day at 10 and 4 (central time) on ABC Family if you have cable.

Jerusalem said...

PS- Luke is very dreamy...I am always a sucker for a man in flannel anyway! Have you met Jess yet? His nephew? Very dreamy as well... PS- email your email address to me @ so I don't fill up your comment section with more crazy Gilmore talk. lol.

Cottage Collections said...

That's so funny! My husband bought me the first season 2 years ago. I'd never even heard of the Gilmore Girls. I wasn't so impressed with the first episode but by episode 2 I was hooked! I bought the rest of the seaons and took them to work with me. I think I'd watched them all in 2 weeks! They had fabulous writers! Enjoy your new addiction or should I say obsessions!
Thank you for stopping by and visiting my blog. I look forward to seeing you at Make Mine Pink!

Sharon said...

My Daughter says she and I are 'so Gilmored" It's a good thing. I have never watched the show but she just loves it~ "witty repartee"!!