Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Back on Track

Yesterday I had one of those horrible days. And if you're an artist, I'm sure you know what kind of day I'm talking about. Horrible days for artists are those days when nothing goes right....nothing you paint cooperates....you feel not good enough...and your insides even get on your nerves, lol. With me, the old myth that artists are fickle and prone to whims is completely true. BUT, I had a great day today!!! Got two paintings done and I love each one....meet Whitley Winkle and her bunny pal who is in love with the moon.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

This is a mini clay sculpture I played around with last night. I've contacted a few of the local Micheal's stores in my area about teaching classes and I figured I'd get started on more examples of my work. I was hoping the pics would turn out better and the nasty orange color of my kid's table doesn't do anything for it, either, lol. I'll try and take some pics in the daylight today and share them later!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Under the Weather and Over the Hill

I feel old....VERY old. Especially since I caught my son's sickness. Standing at the store while waiting for his medicine was like torture. My muscles ached, my eyes burned and it was all I could do to keep from swooning, lol. Peanut strated kindergarten a couple weeks ago and when a note came home from the teacher last week, informing the parents that there had been a case of strewp throat in his class, I gasped out loud and knew he would get it. It was just a matter of time before those ugly symptoms started popping up.

I'm feeling slightly better today and after two days of staying home from school, Penaut was able to go to school today for picture day. Yeehaw.......let's just say that I can bet you $100 my son was the only kid in school who had spiked up red hair and his fire/skull t-shirt on, rofl. I bet his teacher is seriously rethinking my head-room parent status, lol. Can't wait to go in there for "Volunteer Tea" with my ripped up jeans that are so many different colors from many hours of painting wear. Most of my clothes are stained (or have skulls on them), so even if I wanted to give a different impression, I couldn't. C'est la vie.........

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Love Unless

This is one of the paintings that will (if accepted, fingers crossed) be included in the Valentine Show at darklight Gallery. I sent it off this morning, so I'm hoping to get a good response! I used a bit of collage with it and it turned out to be a whole lot funkier than I originally planned, lol. At first, it was supposed to be done in red and black, but for some reason it ended up all in blue tones??!! Go figure......*shrugs shoulders*

My Fiance, the Cowboy

I had a great time snapping shots of my fiance as we sat on the front porch, enjoying the morning. This shot captured my favorite part of him, his hands.

Horsey Photo Shoot

So, I had another successful shoot, and like usual, it was very unplanned. I was just out, visiting the horses and decided to take a few pics. Most of them came out beautifully.