Sunday, December 2, 2007

An Enchanting Shopping Trip

This sign is for my aunt's shop. Her shop is located in the Historic District of St. Charles, smack dab on Main Street and a stone's throw away from the river. She sells spiritual and inspirational merchandise as well as handmade jewelry. I love her shop and every time I go in, I feel like I float from one pretty thing to another. This was our first stop on our Main Street shopping stroll.

How cool is that owl man? This setup was so lovely, I had to take a picture of it. This was from one of the many other shops along the way.

I have a thing with dressmaker's mannequins and forms, so this was something that caught my eye. It was in a room that shimmered with silver and icicles dripped from the ceiling where they had been strategically placed along with silver tinsel. It was breathtaking. And if you look closely, you can see one of the glitter covered reindeer on the right. I bought myself one of those, lol.

Another setup that had me wanting to take a pic, sorry it didn't come out too great!

Handmade ornaments and goods hung all over the trees in this shop and it was brain overload....everywhere I looked, there was something else to examine and appreciate.

Need I say more? Can you see all of that handcrafted goodness???

This is a sign from one of the galleries on Main Street. It's lovely, but a little too "fu-fu" and fine-art for me.

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