Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sentimental Gifts at Christmas

Are you the type of person that likes to get something sentimental....especially from your hubby or significant other? See, I'm thinking of taking a poll....maybe go to Bravenet and get one of those poll meters to find out how many women find the "sentimentality" of a gift from their loved one very important.

Call me old fashioned, but I do. I would rather receive a card that makes me cry than something that my fiance thinks I "need". Because, really.....I can buy myself whatever it is that I "need". Who wants a gift from their fiance that they "need"? Ok, well, I do, I guess....but one little thing...one piece of sentiment thrown in among 10 things I "need" would be great.

I'm ranting a little here, and I'm sorry for it, but I have to go somewhere, lol. The thing is, I just got off the phone with my significant other and during our conversation he tells me that he has bought me several things he thinks I "need". With my fiance, this is bad......this is really bad, lol. I'm sure among some of those things is a tire-changing kit (the motivation being he doesn't have to come change it).

Anyhoo, when I asked him if he got me anything that would make me go "aahhhhhh"......he said no. Which, I figured he'd say, but here's the clencher.......he then says......."You know me, I'm not really the sentimental type." We've had a huge prob with this in the past, so much so that it caused me to move out, so when this comment was made, I felt defeated and disappointed. I thought we had made such great progress over the last few months. And I still think we have, but c'mon....lol.

So, what I'm wondering is this........Am I being too much of a ninny? I do appreciate the time he has taken to buy things I "need", I really do.....but am I asking for too much when I want just a hint of sentiment? Is that a selfish request? I really don't know....I don't feel like it is, but there's always two (or three or four) ways to look at something. I'd like to hear your way of looking at it!


Valerie Jones said...

I'm sentimental too and my husband has trained me not to be. Or let me say I have shoved sentimental things to the back of my mind. I would love to get a sentimental gift from him. But no...that won't happen. So now my son is getting old enough to realize how much things mean to Mom and he will every now and then give me something "special" for me to cherish. Are we as artists more sentimental?

Missy Sue Hanson said...

I'm thinking that we might be, lol. I hope that when my son gets a little bigger, he ends up doing the same things as your son!