Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Quick idea for Victorian flair for the Holidays.....

I know that this might be an idea millions of people have already had, but I thought of it and made myself one and am in love with the way it turned out. This is a very simple, quick, easy and affordable way to add the right touch of victorian flair to your wardrobe this Christmas.

What you need.....
1" satin ribbon in color and length of your choice.
Flowers or vintage charms, or almost any embellishment you might have lying around.

What to Do........
I took a piece of ribbon approximately 18 inches long and attached smaller ribbon, flowers and pearls to the middle of my ribbon. The flowers were wrapped around the ribbon with the wire that was attached (floral wire), the pearls were hot glued into places among the flowers. After I was finished, I simply wrapped ribbon around any ugly parts that were showing (hot glue and wire) and tied it onto my neck with a fluffy bow in the back.

I will be wearing my hair up with a shirt that sweeps just below my shoulders, so that the necklace is the focal point and doesn't cause a war with the rest of my outfit. I'm also thinking of re-creating the ribbon hairstyle that was in the recent Victoria Bliss issue.....Tasha Tudor's antique clothing line.

I just loved the way this turned out and wanted to share was so easy and simple, not to mention affordable and it will give me a very unique style for the holidays!

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Joelle said...

Thank you for your sweet comment.
I haven't been back to Victoria yet. I feel so bad. but so much going on & I have to focus on baby & child blogs etc... but I miss my V Bliss so I will be back.
Beautiful work!!!
glad you found me. stay in touch : )