Thursday, December 13, 2007

Scrappy Design Team Calls

I was at iScrap this morning, just browsing and I decided to check in on the design team calls. I submitted to a few...but one call really interested me. Paper Trunk put out a design team call and the thing that had me so excited was that

1.) they were looking for an altered art or mixed media artist
2.) they wanted you to send in a personal statement, no formalities, they only wanted you to be yourself. You could write about anything you wanted that pertained to your life.

So, I jumped on the opportunity. What many of you might not know about me is that in a former life, I wanted to be a writer (and actually pubbed a few books), anyhoo......I thought, how fun would it be to just talk......not have any formalities to follow, just be yourself. So, I entered and I want to share with you my poersoanl statement that got sent goes.......

Altered Ulterior Motives..............

I live in rural Missouri, where you can find a good fishing pond almost every mile and where the weather can change in 20 seconds. I have a passion for helping all creatures (people and animals alike, though sometimes the people can be animals, lol) so I have three horses and one pony (none of which are suitable to ride), three dogs (none of which do anything but stink up my studio and lay around) and a chicken who doesn't lay eggs.

Among the manuer smell in my studio, you can also find the stench of my six year old son who refuses to bathe. He's the absolute best thing I ever did, but sometimes I worry that the best thing I ever did smells like a pig pen.

My dreams are big and bright, so much so that sometimes they blind me. As I sit here and write to you, I have collections upon collections that I have designed that I can't quite work up the nerve to submit to any licensing companies. That is my design collections for the home, whether it's paper items, cloth items or ornamental.....I'm there.....and I want to create. So, I work up these collections and when I'm all done, I lay them all out on my crowded and disorganized work table and scratch my head. The courage and conviction of saying (and believing) that I am an artist is coming to me and at this point in my life, I couldn't feel luckier or happier. After alot of years drifting, I've finally found my calling. A passion that keeps me awake at night and a fervor to just simply "be" who I am.

So, that is my personal statement. Oh, one more thing......a quote I came up with........"Magic is what the soul craves from a lover or friend, but what it expects from art."

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