Sunday, December 2, 2007

studio and hermit living

My new studio............

JUST KIDDING........hehehehehehehehehe. I promised a month ago that I would be sharing pics of my studio move in progress......and I would have had some, if I had been making any recognizable progress, lol. But, as it seems, I just can't get it done. I find projects to dally with, ideas to form, lunch to make, etc, etc and so on and so on. It still sits in disheveled disarray, incomplete (with supplies missing in action upstairs and all over the house) and neglected. I think half the problem is that I move from room to room with my projects (in order to spend time with my son as I create). So, I have paints and papers in my room, fabric and styrofoam on the kitchen table and magazines and sketches in my son's room. I should be ashamed. What type of mother creates a mess in their son's room and leaves it sit for a day or so?? Shouldn't I be reciting the proverbial "if you don't clean up this mess....." and wagging my finger?

At times I feel bad for being the so-called "unconventional" mom. I don't constantly yell at him to clean up his room, I don't blow a gasket when he spills a little milk on the floor. But, because of that (I think), my boy (at 6 years old) can sit in his room (on the carpet) and paint with his mommy's acrylic paints without making a mess. What a glorious feeling it is to be this type of mommy. I do, however, make him take a bath and incur all of the motherly duties that make me a mom.......protect, enforce rules (to a certain extent).

There are times where I see a glimmer of hope for my disorganized and messy alter ego......a couple days ago, my son was talking to one of his friends after they got off the bus and the little boy made a comment that his mom got mad when he made a mess and without hesitation, my son said (with a smile on his face) ....."shoot, my mom is always making a mess, so she never yells at me, cause she knows how it is."

Ah, the blissful assurance of the young. How is it that they tend to say all the right things to make us feel better, or at times, worse?

I will get my studio straight at some point and I will try to incorporate all my projects into one area. But, for now......I'm happy being the "messy mommy".

I've also realized that I am living like a hermit....only going out of the house to get my much needed soda (I'm addicted) and any supplies I might need (which I am also addicted). I like the hermit life, but I also like to get out, go to eat.......maybe go somewhere dressed in something other than sweatpants. Hmmm....have to work on getting my booty up and motivated.....

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