Monday, December 31, 2007

A few new things......

A brief and fuzzy pic of a fun chandelier I just completed for a friend's shop.

This is one of my houses that I'm planning on including in my spring collection that I will be submitting for licensing. It's not completely finished, but I wanted to share it!

A girly Victorian-like barrette I made that looks SO lovely when you put in hair that has been pinned up (my sis wore it the other day and it looked fabulous with her shirley temple curls).
On to other things........
Ok, so my computer has been acting very funky lately....have no idea what the trouble is, been running super slow and sounds like a train engine. At times I find myself glancing over at the tower, wondering if I should make a break for it.....death by computer is not how I want to leave this earth and it seriously sounds like a massive explosion is in it's near future. Which will be a big bummer for me, cause there's no way I can afford a new one.
New Year.......2008....WOW. I hope you had a great and safe one. I spent mine in the comfort of my bed with the most amazing man in my son. (Had ya'll going there, didn't I?) He of course insisted on watching the new Simpson's movie. That movie is something, let me tell ya. He spent the whole time repeating what Bart said, but replacing the bad words with words that are acceptable in our house. He's just the most amazing thing I ever did. And I'm so thankful to be starting another year where I can watch him grow (too fast) and where mommy still "rules". I hope I always "rule".

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