Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Soldered Ornaments and a Treasure Trove.

These are some of the soldered ornaments from the same collection I've been showing pics of. It's all blue, silver, and glittery crystal. I surprised myself with this.......I'm usually not "girly-girl". With anything, actually. I've never really like the soft muted or pastel colors and have always been drawn to deeper, darker shades.
But, something has happened in the past few weeks. I find myself slobbering over soft feminie colors and trinkets. For instance........I was running errands yesterday at the zoo they call Wal-Mart (at this time of year, anyway), when I was browsing the magazine aisles for some crafty inspiration........and there I saw it......one magazine in particular caught my eye.
Victoria stood proud, her regal front cover shining, almost blinding. Carefully, as if I had found a secret treasure, I picked her up and gently flipped through the pages. The pages of an article leaped out of me and I found pictures that made my heart melt. The new issue features the antique clothing collection of Tasha Tudor, unimaginably graceful and intricate dresses dating back to the early nineteenth century. Be still, my beating heart........I felt the color rise in my cheeks, almost as if I was embarassed to be so delighted by simple pages in a magazine. But, I couldn't stop the reverie. I stood there in the aisle of my insanely busy Wal-Mart and was transported back to a time where I would've worn dresses such as the ones I was looking at. Where I would've batted my eyelashes over a pearl-handled fan as I was being wooed and courted by some slick gentleman who kissed my hand and stood up whenever I left a table.
Needless to say, I bought the magazine, lol. And as soon as I got in the car after impatiently waiting to check out, I sat and poured over the feature once again. I'm glad I bought the magazine, or saw it for that matter, I never knew I would be so touched or moved by a Victorian magazine. If I had known the effect it would have on me, I would've subscribed long ago, lol.
The magazine also opened the world of April Cornell up to me. She has the most darling and unique clothing I've ever seen. I'm in love with her London line. I hope you visit the links, and while you're perusing, I hope you will be whisked away as well, into a time of romance where pretty things were an everyday necessity.


Goddess Findings said...

I love your little baubles here...thanks so much for the tip on April Cornell....this is just the type of clothing I want to be wearing, but never can findand I've always LOVED Victora.... Thanks a million! Janice

Jennifer said...

Saw your comment on the Victoria board. LOVE your work!

Valerie Jones said...

Cute stuff today! I love Victoria! I used to buy every issue and then couldn't find it anymore. Don't know why I never subscribed. Might just have to do that. Thanks for sharing! Your comment about the last couple a weeks a change has come about - I just read something about that type of change last week that I'll share on my blog one of these days soon. Be sure to come take a look. You might be surprised at yourself!