Sunday, November 18, 2007

This is a commissioned piece I did for a friend of mine's daughter. Her daughter is very much like me. Her mom worries when she shuts herself off in her room and "hibernates" as she reads and draws. I try to tell her that that is who she is.....and that I can relate to it so very well. That's why when she has a problem (the daughter), she mostly comes to me. When I gave her this piece, she preceded to ask me about what she should do if she had a crush on someone. Keep in mind, she is a freshman in high school. This boy is a junior and she talks to him "sometimes". So, I told her what I wish I would've known at that age.........make sur eyou know him before you idolize him. Talk to him, be yourself, be as bold and brass as I know she is...and she'll find that either the boy is worth idolizing, or that crush will (for lack of a better word) be crushed.
It's amazing how you can worship someone from afar and then get to know them and wonder what the hell you were thinking, lol. Ah, teenage years....I wouldn't live them again for all the money in the world.

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