Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Trees........

Getting a Christmas tree has always been a tradition. The weekend after Thnaksgiving, we all head out to the same Christmas Tree Farm and engage in the search for the "ultimate" tree. Hiking through the trees, my son is yelling..."see, I knew we would have to walk miles out here!".....which made me have a flashback of the Griswold's driving to the middle of nowhere and dragging their children through the forest in Nat'l Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.
Luckily, my son didn't end up suffering for too long, lol. We found a tree fairly quickly, too quickly in my opinion, since the scnery was so lovely I wanted to hang out all day!

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Diana Evans said...

oh what a wonderful time! It reminds me of when we used to head out and walk for what seemed like ages....to get the most perfect tree....oh how I love the Holidays!!!

and thanks for posting on my site...nice to see your blog...and I would spend way too much money if I did classes in an art supply store...

have a great day!!!