Sunday, November 11, 2007

I Will Never Give Up

This piece is one I had lots of fun making. I had no real design or destination to it all besides the fact that the woman's body is from Stampington's Tempting Template. I did it as sort of an homage to the struggle of achieving dreams and that in order to get that long awaited destination....there will be struggle and heartbreak to overcome.

I'm not quite done with it yet, I still have the back to do and some other little trinkets to add. I'm thinking this might be something for a submission somewhere......

And let me share a little something special about the piece that really spurred the whole you see underneath the woman....can you read the words? If you can't....they say, "FREE SOUL". I was watching Saving Grace the other night and the said something on the episode that really struck a chord with me. If any of you watch the show, you know Grace has some serious issues.....not all of them I can relate to, but some I being unorgamized, ignoring family phone calls....etc.

Anyhoo, most everyone who knows Grace (particularly her family) thinks she needs to grow up or be more of an "adult" I guess you could say...or maybe "get her shit togther"....whichever you that as it may.......during the episode she asks her "G-pa" why he never tried to change her that way everyone else did, why he never got on her about the things she did and didn't do....and this is what he said......."Because you're a free soul and you're going to do what you want no matter who yells at you."

Well said.....and how wonderfully put.

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