Sunday, November 18, 2007

The start of a mixed media piece that I think will be the catalyst for some new classes for the crafty kids at Micheal's. Really, I can't think o fmore fun than to sit in a room with a bunch of kids and tell them the only rule here is to make a My event cooridinator wanted something different and fresh and I have to say that a mixed media class for kids is the best way to go (at least here). In this area, they've classed ornaments and little "cutesy" projects to death....I think it might be time to introduce the "darker" side of scrapbooking, lol. This is not to say that I don't love the "cutesy" projects, but I was asked to do something different and I think this will be just the ticket........wooohoooooo. LOL


Susan Tuttle said...

What a lovely blog--I so enjoyed my visit!! I love your plan for your next teaching event at Michael's--broadening those young, impressionable hearts and minds!


tangled stitch said...

I agree with Susan your blog is very lovely. Your work is very lovely. Good luck with all of it!