Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Altered Art Canvas Class

This is my example piece for a new class I have coming up at Micheal's. I used a ton of different techniques and mediums and was quite sure Michelle, my event coordinator, would flip a gasket once she saw my material list, lol. But, she didn't.......in fact, out of all the classes I had lined up for the month, this was her favorite. My canvas is 18x24, but the students will do a 16x20. I have really high hopes about this class. I think it will spur a whole "mixed media" brigade within the class-goers. It's something they've never done before in this area, a class where.....there are no rules. Can't get much better than that, lol!


tangled stitch said...

Really fabulous good luck with your class at Michaels!

Sandra Evertson said...

First visit, love it!
Lovely blog
Sandra Evertson