Monday, November 5, 2007

Studio in Progress

Here is the brand new studio space in progress. It's in the basement, and I know I won't particularly care for the "dungeon" atmosphere, but at least it's space and it will be my own. Before, I had everything stacked and crammed into my bedroom. Getting clothes every morning was a chore since there were about 10 rubbermaid containers full of my stuff blocking the way. I think my back will be thankful it doesn't have to move and then move again those heavy containers. The wine glass looking container thing in the middle is my favorite aspect. My fiance gave it to me (can't remember what for) and it was full of flowers. It was pretty neat looking. But, I've decided it will be my glistening catch-all for little trinkets and pretty supplies that I like to look at and keep in the open.

My fiance jokes that he knows no other person that looks at everything as either a new project or something to store stuff in for other new projects. I told him that was because I was the only artist he knew, lol. I'm excited about this new space, though overwhelmed with finally having my own "domain". I've always sat on my bed, lol. So, this should be a new adventure for me. When I get the goodies all set up, next will come my radio and TV. Gots to have some noise most of the time!!!!

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elizabeth said...

Are you kidding? I would kill for a studio space like this. Its so unusual. All I have is a regular room in the house. I would hang little lights in there, and twinklie things, rare and unusual lamps and lighting, and rows and rows of jars and fabulous storage vintage thingies, a drawer with candy bars, a comfy chair, and one big fat cat, or dog, and I would never want to leave. Love the stars hanging down by the way