Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Teaching....Who would've ever thought?

I hated school. Well, high school to be exact. I think i was okay until I hit that dreaded freshman year. On the day I graduated, I had never been more happy, the only moment in my life that rivals walking across that platform was the birth of my son.

So, I never thought I'd be a good teacher. But, I'm starting to teach my clay classes at the local Micheal's store and I love it, every bit of it. I especially love working with the kids and seeing their eyes light up when they make something they thought they didn't have the talent for.

After a while, I'm going to approach the idea for an assemblage class and see where that takes me, the ideas for that are endless! I'm feeling good today, I think I might have found a perfect job that enables me to create and make $$$$. LOL

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