Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dumpy DOOS

Progress.......oh, how I hate that word. They say Taurus (the zodiac sign that I am) hates change and I don't know if every Taurus is like that, but I am a walking billboard for the sign. I'm an unwavering friend, I'm very earthy and can dig my heels in like there's no tomorrow when arguing. And I HATE change. My loathing for the process of change might stem from moving every single year while growing up.

Making friends was never a problem, it was keeping them. And, last night feeling particularly down in the dumpy-doos, I realized I had nobody to call. Except for my fiance, of course, who is always supportive and does what he can, but for some reason, I longed for a female voice. And as I pondered which female friends I had in my life, I realized that none of them were the type that I could cry to, or give a hug to. Most of the females in my life are acquaintances and when I talk, they interrupt or just plain don't give a damn about what I have to say.

I did get some painting done last night, though......creating is always the best therapy. I think I might go out today and get some supplies to try out the idea that's been bumping around in my head.......shrink plastic jewelry! Instead of metal frame and metal wiring....I thought that since the shrink plastic makes paper hard as wood....I could make charms and things and maybe use some sort of classy vintage ribbon????!!! Worth a try.....any idea always is!

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