Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Through Mine Eyes

I just received word that my grandpa is in the hospital. This picture was taken after our weekly lunch ritual. I was inspired to take it after hearing him tell my son his stories. And he started it off with ...."Through mine eyes, this is the way I saw it." My grandpa fought in the Koren and Vietnam wars and was wounded in both. He jokes that his Purple Heart awards get him a large cup of coffee at McDonald's for .75 cents.

I find it funny that through all of that, that's his shining humor. He took bullets in both wars and believes that his greatest reward is that cheap cup of coffee, lol. He's the kind of grandpa that doesn't watch his language, either. While talking to my five year old son he was quick to start a sentence with ...."and goddamit...". That's what I love about him. He was always honest, always willing to say what he felt and mean what he said. And that's what I've been trying to do for years now.

I'll treasure this picture always and the memories from the afternoon will live forever in my heart.

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elizabeth said...

Awww Missy, I love this post. I am emotional today and after I read it I threw myself on the bed and sobbed, but then I ate a brownie and a valium and felt better. Dont you just love hearing stories from the grandparents? I could listen all day.....The photo, what a perfect moment in time, caught. I am supposed to be working but instead I have spent the whole morning looking at all your pictures and art.